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Below is a small selection of our
promotional and branded products >>>

Below is a small selection of our other promotional and branded products >>>
Teddy Bears Forehead Thermometer
Teddy Bears Forehead Thermometer
BH116BBG- PB (plastic box)
BH116BBG- VS (vinyl sleeve)

The non-invasive, easy to read thermometer supplied in vinyl sleeve or plastic box with instructions.

Size: 89mm x 19mm

Imprint: 80mm x 21mm (imprint on instruction leaflet only)
With Plastic Box
With Vinyl Sleeve
Hanging Coldzone Thermometer
BH508CZ Hanging Coldzone Thermometer

A unique built-in time delay makes this plastic moulded thermometer even easier to read, and the liquid crystal OK panel only appears when the fridge is cold enough, i.e 5°C or below.

Size: 67mm x 40mm x 6mm

Imprint: 4mm x 60mm ( around semi-circle)
BH521W Liquid Crystal Wine Thermometer

A useful indicator to enable wine to be served at ideal temperature. Hold against the bottle and read the temperature.

Size: 85mm x 54mm

Imprint: 44mm x 24mm
Wine Thermometer
Other Promotional Products
Other Promotional Products
Mr Men Child Safety Kit
Teddy Bears Forehead thermometer
 BH109B Boiler Gauge

Size: 54mm x 85mm

Imprint: 45mm x 45m
Boiler Thermometer Gauge
Mr Men Range
Mr Tickle Bath thermometer
Fridge Magnet Promotion
Wine Thermometer Promotion
Room Thermometer Business Card
2110 Office Calendar Promotion
Key Ring Promotion
Flu Symptom Chart Promotion
UV Safe Promotion
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